Organic Search vs. Paid Search whenever anyone starts learning about digital marketing and content writing this is one of the foremost topics that they see on the internet. This article will give you all clarity about both searches and their difference.

Organic Search vs. Paid Search

Organic search is a search where people come to a website when finding similar interest in it and your website will be on top according to SEO results. On the other hand, paid searches include paying money to get come on the top of the search engine to get more clicks and create brand awareness. It also contains running an ad to increase the reach of a product or service.

According to a survey, the majority of searches are being done on Google, the tech giant.

popularity of Google


Because of the wide popularity of Google people like to run their paid campaigns there. That is why Google is the most happening platform for all the leading companies and budding entrepreneurs.

Organic Search Marketing:

Whenever you have any query one just moves to or any other search engines. As soon as you press enter you find multiple search results including ads of similar websites over there. Below those ads, the first top 10 pages are the result of digital marketing in an organic way. These websites’ results are on the top because of their engaging content, arrangements, and quality and effective SEO strategies. The factors associated with the search are as follow:

  • Google is responsible for directing the amount of traffic on a page when they are useful for their users.
  • Every top-ranking page is counted as a rich source of good quality of knowledge content.
  • Moving your page to the top of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is a tough and very time-consuming job but once you reach there it will benefit you in monetary terms.
  • The first 10 pages of Google account for almost 92% of organic traffic and it is continuously decreasing by 90% – 95% on the second page and further.

Things have changed from the last decade. People used “Blackhat” methods. Well, now Google has cracked all those tricks and keyword stuffing techniques to minimize the use of unethical techniques to break someone’s ranking. Everything is fair at the search engines now.The recent Google update has made it clear that user and user experience are of prime importance to it. Everything revolves around them only. So, it generates efficient algorithms to bring the most deserving and effective user-oriented content on top organically.

Paid Search Marketing :

When one sponsored the result to be seen on the top of the page, it is termed as paid search. Businesses can advertise their products and services within the sponsored listings of a partner site or a search engine. Ads are charged as per the cost-per-click model.

paid search

Image: Paid sites

The “Ad” keyword in the above image tells everything.

In this competitive world, many people are choosing a paid search option for fast marketing rather than investing more time to secure a good SEO score. According to a survey, around 70% of businesses are gaining more traffic and revenue because of paid search marketing. Most people use paid search marketing and PPC terms interchangeably which is not the case. PPC is just a subset of the paid search marketing model. The universal set also includes CPA (cost per acquisition), CPM (Cost Per Thousand Mille). PPC is widely used by most of the companies. PPC campaigns are most shown in the form of a carousel at the top and they are marked as “Sponsored.” Specifically, these are termed as Google Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads which are a part of PPC.

Out of many applications, the one which would have the highest Ad Rank gets the first spot in the listing. On the other hand, paid searches are regular text ads resembling search listings. They are labeled with ‘Ad’ at the left of the web address. To get ROI with paid search, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the same. Now with the rise in the use of technology, Artificial Intelligence is being used highly to get the most value of the budget.


At the beginning of the campaigns of Google AdWords, you have to be more specific and concentrate on your searches. Once you are all set you can apply for more “Ad Campaigns” and can get more traffic for your business website and make it worth it.

By using organic search, a website gains authority, insights, and thus, becomes capable of drawing huge revenue. On another hand, by the paid search, for each click on your website, you lose money but also gain views, clicks, and increase business reach.

Conclusion: Who is the winner in Organic Search Vs. Paid Search Competition?

Most companies with a team of expert SEO professionals usually prefer to get results organically. Organic search has an evergreen presence whereas, paid ads stop showing your results when you stop paying. But to get more traffic on multiple platforms they have to utilize their content to run some social media ads.

So, if your target is to get more traffic by investing less amount of time then paid search is the perfect solution. But if you’re thinking to get more cost-effective ways you should go the other way round to raise revenues.

Well, everything on this planet has pros and cons. So, it has now become a game of mind like what will you choose at a particular time. Don’t think that much just focus on writing highly-effective and guiding content by running ad campaigns alongside. This hybrid solution will help you get more organic traffic by generating a proper amount of cost-effective solutions and take your business to where it is to where you want it to be reached.

So, try the perfect strategy for your business and share your experience with us in the comment section below. All the best!

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